Greater El Bethel Missionary Baptist Church
Prior to 1886, El Bethel Baptist Church was described as a thriving church located on 10th Street in Oak Cliff.  According to available records about African American congregations in Hord's Ridge (now known as Oak Cliff), the early settlers following the Civil War worshiped with the Methodist Group and later organized the Colored Missionary Baptist Church of Oak Cliff. The congregation moved to the northwest corner of 9th and Cliff Streets under the leadership of Reverend Snack Best. This building burned and was rebuilt on the southwest corner of 9th and Cliff Streets in 1905. Reverend W.L. Dickson, who became pastor of the church in 1924, began work with the congregation to build a new church. In 1926 the church building was torn down and the basement for the new edifice was constructed. services were conducted in the basement for several years. Reverend Dickson secured William Sidney Pittman, the son-in-law of Booker T. Washington, and his crew to come to Dallas and build the edifice presently standing on 9th and Cliff Streets. After some financial difficulties during the depression, the church was closed. The membership moved back into the church in 1931 under the name of Greater El Bethel Baptist Church. The church mortgage was paid off under the leadership of Reverend C.H. Hinton.